Welcome to Antique Collectors Club

If you have particular fondness for objects of art and consumer items from a bygone era, you have definitely come to the right place.

You have come across a community of like-minded individuals. We love the past and things from yesteryear. We really go out of our way to celebrate what is distinctive, charming and poignant about cultural artifacts from a long-gone era.

A lot of people are thinking that antiques, art, china, embroidery, jewelries and other items from the past have to look distinctly old or traditional. It really is sad that a lot of people define “antique” that way. Believe it or not, antiques actually speak to our present era. If you look at fashion or design trends, it’s always the case that they do not feature something completely brand new.

As the old saying goes, the old becomes new and the new becomes old. In other words, the DNA of current designs, no matter how sleek and progressive they may seem actually is rooted in design classics. These don’t change. These go from age to age and what would look good, as far as these classical elements go in the past, still look good today. This is why a lot of designers almost always check out antique or retro ideas to get inspired. They get the information they need to take their craft to a whole other level.

Here at antiquecollectorsclub.com, we cut to the chase. We cut out the middle man and we focus on the old. We focus on china, paintings, rugs and other collectibles from the past. We celebrate their distinct, historical and artistic look by focusing on the classics.

What’s so important about classics anyway?

Old saying

As the old saying goes, if you don’t appreciate and recognize where you’ve been, chances are you won’t get to where you want to go. This is absolutely true because if we want to make a better future for ourselves, we should have a healthy relationship with the past.

Golden Measuring stick

This doesn’t mean that we have to idolize the past or we have to somehow, someway believe that the past is the golden measuring stick for everything that we do today. We don’t have to go that far. But it does pay off to learn from the past. as pessimistic as a lot of people may be about the world as it exists now, we also made a lot of the right decisions in the past.

Things in the past

Like it or not, things didn’t fall apart completely. While there are a lot of mistakes, we also did the right things in the past. these are worth remembering, learning from, appreciating and embracing. By adopting a healthier attitude towards what went on before, we can forge a better tomorrow.

Arching Philosophy

This is our over arching philosophy. This is what drives us to collect antiques because we believe that we can learn a lot from design philosophies from the past. While taste in fashion may change over time, there are certain classic design elements that will always be welcome. These go a long away in directing compositions. These can help inspire designers in the here and now to really take a contemporary design to a whole other level.

Room for improvement

If anything, this continuity with the past enables us to build on what we did right while at the same time work on improving the things that we got wrong. As you probably already know, when it comes to human beings, there’s always room for improvement. This doesn’t just apply to our collective character. This also applies to our work.

Learn from mistakes

Whatever art you’re in to, there’s always going to be room for improvement. While it is quite profitable to pay attention to past experimentation, we can also learn from our mistakes and learn to pick apart the things that we succeeded with. These may contain the ideas that can really take us forward. This is the kind of thinking that collecting antiques really bring to the table.

As heavy as these may be, antiques look great. When you are designing any type of interior space, there will always be a mood created. When you learn how to pick out different antiques items based on their ability to shape any interior space’s mood, you go a long way in creating the kind of look that will make you feel good in the here and now.

Power of Antique

Antiques always had this power and that’s why they have been quite popular. They haven’t really left the American imagination, there’s always been people who collect furniture and art pieces from different eras, however, when Jackie Kennedy occupied the White House, she really popularized the idea of antique hunting. It became a nationwide trend instead of a traditional practice done by a select few Americans.

By lending some of that world famous Kennedy charm and mystique to the hobby of collecting relics and artifacts from a long gone era, Jackie Kennedy made antique collecting (and its necessary related activities of storage locker raiding, antique hunting, and antique auctions) part of the American experience. Let’s face it, this is a happy development and a much welcome one. Really, it is. Why? Well, for the longest time, Americans had a fetish for the new. They were too eager to turn their backs on the old. Old parts of town were routinely demolished regardless of how iconic the architecture involved may be and no matter how historically significant the local landmarks may be. That all changed when Americans fell in love with antiques and what they represent.

A global community

The antique collectors club accommodates a global community of antique fans. We come from all four corners of the globe and we share our love of antique art pieces, ceramics, furniture, garden items in common. Join us today. Introduce yourself and please share your distinct finds. Our community will definitely be richer for it. Not only is this community full of people who are passionate about antiques, but we don’t hesitate to share the things we know as well as resources so as to further encourage and build up the global antique community.


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