You know, if you find yourself in any kind of public space, you have to understand that you are a celebrity. You’re probably thinking that I’ve lost my mind – you are not exactly Kanye West nor you envision yourself to be the second coming of Beyoncé. It’s obvious that you are not a member of the Kardashian family, so what the heck am I talking about? Well, thanks to social media, anybody can become a celebrity. That’s how awesome social media is. Please understand, that this does not necessarily mean that you’re ought to be the next Hollywood celebrity that you are not looking to be the next great Hollywood talent, nor are you looking to be some sort of a hope for your industry. But, the celebrity culture is still there because your personal statement, your personal style of choices can lead to people to follow you. It can lead to you being noticed by a certain crowd of people, by a certain circle of individual; it can lead to devotion at some level or other. That really is the essence of celebrity culture, when people gather around on some sort of common interest, and this interest is translated to actions or content creation.

The internet has a word for this, it’s called fandom. And fandom is really one of the most important phenomena to shake the internet to its foundation, because if you know how to play fandom or fandom trend correctly, you can become quite rich. Seriously, because if you know how to make the right statement, you create a fandom around you. These people are devoted enough to certain things that they would buy products that are lined up with that fandom. One of the biggest examples of fandom of course is Apple computers. For the longest time, people were not buying – the rank and file computer buyer was not buying Apple products, but Apple was able to stay afloat because of the fandom created by Steve Jobs. Thanks to the success of the Apple 2 and the Mac, the Apple computers was basically able to coast on its previous successes in the lean years before the launch of the iPad and then the iPhone. As they say, after that point everything else is history.

Fandom is real, and it really all boils down to the statements you make. If you want to make a statement, do yourself a big favor. Invest in your total persona. When you are able to do that and people look at you as a distinct persona, regardless of how much they like you or not, you become different enough in their minds either to follow or to take note of. Now, when people take note of you it’s only a matter of time until people who like you, follow you. This can lead to a greater and greater levels of fandom. So, do yourself a big favor, look into getting the right vape juice here.

This might seem like a small thing but when you document it right, when people see you engaging with vaping products a certain way, you start drawing people that would like that kind of lifestyle. You start growing people who are worthy doing that kind of thing. In other words, the content you produce start attracting a community, which then creates a self-replicating and self-sustaining cycle. This goes on and on to many different channels. It impacts your choice of clothing, content, vehicles so on and so forth, but when you document these all on Instagram, you open yourself up to a tremendous array of money making opportunities. And it really all boils down to fandom. So, you are the content, you are the product. So, choose accordingly.