Our club is exactly that. It’s made up of people with one shared interest, but the underlying behind this club is that everybody will contribute.

What we’re about

All about antiques

Our club is exactly that. It’s made up of people with one shared interest, but the underlying behind this club is that everybody will contribute. As you can probably already tell if you’re a part of a club where nobody pays dues or nobody does anything to keep the club going, it’s only a matter of time until the club goes belly up.

Encouraging antique lovers

The same applies to this website. We truly encourage all antique lovers from all parts of the world to step up and share what they know about certain types of antiques. We don’t expect you to donate money. In fact, what we would find more valuable is the information that you share.

Background information

As you probably already know, when you collect antiques, often times a background information is hard to come by. For example, if you’ve come across a chair from the 1800’s from China, chances are there are not that many of that items left in existence. It’s very likely that few people know about the company that manufactured that chair.

The more information you can bring to the table, the more richly blessed everybody in this community will become. Most of us would probably not rush out to buy the exact same chair you have, we would still be greatly enriched by the background information that you bring. So regardless of your historical preference or the specific type of collectibles you specialize in, don’t hesitate to share.

If anything, your contribution will help excite others to share what they know and this can help enrich the knowledge base on this website. Sharing what you know also inspires others who may still be on the fence regarding antique collecting. They may have been thinking of getting into it for quite some time but haven’t quite found the push they need to get going. Maybe they think it’s expensive. Maybe they are under the impression that it takes too much time. By sharing your finds and most importantly, your experiences, you go a long way in helping us excite others regarding the charms and fun of antique collecting.

Maybe you’re into paintings, rugs, jewelry, costume pieces, embroidery items or china pieces and ceramics. Please share what you know. Take a lot of pictures. This way, our website becomes a collective resource that will enrich and inspire antique fans with important information. This is precisely the kind of information that they would need to become a better antique collectors.

Tell u what you know

Don’t hold back on sharing information if you think your preference is a bit weird or off the beaten path. Listen, when it comes to antique collecting, there is no right or wrong answer. Indeed, for the longest time, there was no market for collectible gas station gas pumps until a few people shared their interest in it. The market grew and grew and now there is a robust international market for these relics of the bygone era of American highway greatness from the 1930s, 1940s, and 50s. This is how the market as a whole grows and gets developed. Share your expertise or personal story today.